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Vuokraa Thermarest Z-lite sol

Rent lightweight hiking gear package!


A lightweight camping package includes a super-light tent, sleeping pad, stove and rucksack. All you need is your own shoes and a sleeping bag for the night and you're good to go.


For one person, the package includes a two-person tent and one piece of the other items. If you go with a friend, the package includes not only the tent but also another sleeping pad and a rucksack. You can also consider taking a three-person tent for better capacity.  With one stove, the two of you can manage comfortably and just share cooking duties. Perhaps even better food?


See below for more details and weights and choose the most suitable products for you, starting from a total weight of 3.1kg including tent, sleeping pad, rucksack and camping stove.


As a lightweight camping package:

- Tent (Northern Lite Saana 1,3kg, MSR Hubba Hubba 1,75kg tai Fjällräven Abisko Shape 3 2,6kg)

- 1-2x sleeping pads (Thermarest Z-lite Sol0,4kg)

- 1-2x backpacks (Exped Lighning 60l 1,1kg or Exped Thunder 70l 1,6kg)

- Camping stove - Trangia Triangle 0,11kg + gas burner 0,23kg (your choice of pots and pans)

For an additional fee:

  • GPS device inReach MINI2 or GPSMAP 66i  + 70€ / rental 99 g

  • Powerbank 10000 mAh + 5€ / rental 182g

  • Headlamp Lumonite Compass 1250lm + 15€ / rental 155g


The llightweigt camping package for two includes two sleeping pads and two backpacks.

Lightweight trekking package for 1 or 2 persons

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