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Fjällräven Teltta Vuokraa - Abisko Shape 3

The Abisko Shape 3 is a lightweight, light and not heavy tunnel tent for up to three persons.


A high quality tunnel tent with vestibule and a total weight of only 2.6kg. The end sections of the tent can still be rolled up, which allows you to take atmospheric photos in a more presentable way, as well as better ventilation. Good ventilation ensures year-round usability, but the tent is best suited for two people and three seasons.


Take a tent with you on a hike, when the criteria are lightness, a high level of quality and safety. In winter, the rental includes winter pegs. See our other tunnel tents for rent.


Technical specifications:

  • Number of persons: 3

  • Minimum weight: 2,1kg

  • Weight: 2,6kg

  • Packing size: 41x16cm

  • Interior dimensions: 220 x 145 x 100cm

  • Water pillars: cover fabric: 3000mm, bottom fabric: 6000mm

  • Replacement price 819€

Fjällräven Abisko Shape 3

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