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Terms & Conditions

Rental  terms and conditions

The Lessor (Business ID: 3248248-9) applies the following terms when renting equipment. The conditions are binding on both parties, the lessor and the lessee, when the lessee has taken over some or all of the equipment rented, or

has paid the agreed fee.


1. Rental period and reservation

The rental period is agreed in advance and starts from the time of collection of the rental equipment and ends when the hired equipment is returned to the lessor. Exceeding the agreed rental period specified in the contract without the without the permission of the lessor may be considered a breach of contract. Extension of the rental period may be agreed with the lessor. The reservation and extensions of rental period is made at


2. Amount of rent and payment

The amount of the rent is the rent indicated in the price list on the lessors website, unless otherwise agreed. Rent is paid in advance before the equipment is handed over for the entire agreed rental period. Payment shall be made by invoice or credit card in the first instance.


3. Cancellations

Cancellation of a reservation must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the date of reservarion start date. The lessor reserves the right to charge cancellation fee if the cancellation is done less than seven day before the reservarion date.


4. Responsibility of the rental object

The lessee shall be liable for any damage to the rented equipment during the rental period - except for natural wear and tear - and loss of the rental equipment. The lessee shall be liable for the replacement of any equipment completely destroyed, lost or damaged during the rental period. The fee is in accordance with 

the current selling price. Any repair and maintenance costs shall be borne by the lessor shall be entitled to charge the lessee separately.


5. Liability for damage caused of the rental equipment

The lessor shall not be liable during the rental period for the use of the equipment by the lessee or for any direct or indirect damage caused to the hirer or to any third party during the rental period.


6. Obligation to return the rented item

The lessee is obliged to return the rented equipment to the lessor at the end of the rental period, in the same condition as when they were at the time of rental. The equipment must be returned to the same place  from which where the rent took place, unless otherwise agreed on a case-by-case basis. If the goods are not returned as agreed, the lessor shall be entitled to charge a minimun, but not limited, fee of 25€/day for each day of delay.


7. Obligations of the lessor

The lessor undertakes to deliver the rented equipment at the agreed place and time. The lessee shall rent the reserved equipment in accordance with the time and date of rent.


8. Damages due to interruption

The lessor shall not be liable for any damage, destruction of or any other damage to the equipment. Damage caused to the lessee by the equipment or by any other cause, cancellations or additional costs will not bear to the lessor. 


9. Right of termination

If the lessee fails to comply with this agreement and any related obligations under this agreement and any additional agreements, such as, for example, the

obligations, the lessor shall be entitled to terminate the lease without any prior notice. In this case the lessee's right to use the leased article shall cease immediately and the lessor has to retuen the hired equipment without consultation with the lessee. Lessee shall be liable for all return and recovery costs and the lessor is not obliged to refund any rent already paid.

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