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The number one of the tipi tents is now available for rent.


Helsport's Finnmark is suitable for year-round use, whether you're going skiing, fishing or whenever you need warmth and plenty of space.


The height of the inner tent rises up to 2.5 metres and the tent comfortably accommodates 3-4 people in the winter season and 4-5 people in the summer season. The Finnmark tipi tent also has an inner tent to keep the heat in and two doorways allow you to use the less windy entrance. You can also pack only the outer tent, which takes 2.7 kg off the total weight.


Add a sled, Skinbased skis or fellskis to your winter trip and you'll have a trip to remember. 


For an extra €30/rental, you can rent a 3.4kg stove with extremely small packing capacity.


The rental includes:

  • Tipi tent, groundsheet, outdoor tent, indoor tent and pole.

  • For an extra charge of 30€ the stove per rent


Technical details:

  • Capacity 3-5 persons.

  • Weight: 8,8kg

  • Pack size 24x65cm

  • Interior dimensions: 420x420x250cm

  • Water pillars base fabric: 5000mm, cover fabric 3000mm

  • Replacement price 1100€

Helsport - Finnmark 6-8

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