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Helsport's Fjellheimen 4 Superlight Camp is the lightest and most spacious version of Helsport's flagship tent. It can accommodate up to four people and weighs just staggering 2.5kg.


The tent is suitable for use in three seasons, offering the most spacious user experience due to the incredibly roomy inner tent. The tent is very versatile and a guarantee for a successful trip. Luxury for two or three persons with the option of four-person use.


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Technical specifications:

  • Capacity 4 persons.

  • Weight 2,5kg

  • Pack size 18x40cm

  • Capacity 18.5 kg 18.5 kg 18.5 kg 18.5 kg Top cover: 2000mm, bottom cover: 3000mm

  • Replacement price 1099€

Helsport Fjellheimen Superlight  4 Camp 

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