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Northern Lite teltta vuokraa

Scorchingly hot, brand new, real and made in Finland tent for two.


Northern Lite's first tent has started the domestic tent revolution and standards have been set high. The tent is the result of swet, tears and love for the outdoors. It is comfortably suitable for two campers, with a height of up to 180 cm. The environment and your conscience are not burdened with this choise, as half of the tent's fabrics are made of recycled plastic.


The Northern Lite hiking tent is comfortable to take on all three seasons. With an ideal packing volume and a minimum weight of only 1.3kg, it's ideal for hiking, trekking, cycling and packraft adventures!  The rental includes a central pole and pegs. 



  • Capacity 2 persons

  • Minimum weight: 1,3kg

  • Pack size 20x40cm

  • Interior dimensions: 135x220x180cm

  • Water pillars base fabric: 5000mm

  • Replacement price 799€

Northern Lite Saana Ecolite 

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