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The first overnight trips started in misty Autumn conditions in Urho Kekkonen National Park back in 2015. Before that, I had been on numerous day hikes and my first mountain hike in Slovenia earlier that year. My long-time dream of hiking off-trail for several nights and adventuring in the mountains had been born. The following year I found myself in the Himalayas for a three weeks of hiking trip and later that year in the famous national park of Chile, Torres Del Paine. I was sold.


Since these trips, I have mostly enjoyed the Nordic wilderness on skiing expeditions, both in the Urho Kekkonen National Park and the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, packrafting adventures on the famous Ivalo River and Poroeno in the Käsivari Wilderness Area, with some cycling treks and traditional walks in Kaldoaivi.


Here are my most memorable hikes:

- Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal - 19 days and 230km, altitude 5550m - 2016

- Torres del Paine, Chile - 8 days and 110km - 2016

- Huascara National Park, Peru - 3 days, altitude 4750m - 2017

- Karhunkierros, Finland - 5 days and 82km - 2017

- Skiing to Halti fjell, Finland/Norway - 5 days and 117km - 2018

- Kaldoaivi Hiking, Finland - 5 days and 72km - 2019

- Ivalo river Packraft trek, Finland - 7 days and 111km - 2020

- Kaldoaivi Cycling trek, Finland - 4 days and 114km - 2020

- Käsivarsi Wilderness area Packraft trek, Poroeno & Lätäseno rivers, Finland - 8 days and 155km - 2021


When it comes to renting trekking gear, I rented my first own tent in 2017 in exchange for a slightly better coffee package. An adventurer consumes coffee, after all. Since then, camping gear has always been around me and I feel that everyone should be able to enjoy outdoors with the best and most durable gear possible.


You can rent the products directly from me. I am happy to guide you through the use of your new gear for your adventures in the great outdoors in the Nordics.

Juho-Tuomas Järvikangas

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