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Vuokraa Lundhags t-skate BC NNN retkiluistimet.JPG

The Lundhags T-Skate (NNN BC-side) 45cm and 50cm nordic skates are the best way to enjoy the great outdoors.


NNN BC ski bindings are suitable for nordic skating or backcountry skiing. In general, for backcountry skiing, it is advisable to use a BC-NNN binding and skiing boot, as it provides better ankle support.



As a package:

  • Lundhags T-Skate 45cm and 50cm (NNN BC-binding)

  • BC-skiing boots (sizes: 38-46, 48)

  • Poles 135cm or 162cm

  • Rescue rope

  • Dry bag

  • Icemeter

Nordic skating

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