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Lumikengät vuokraa

Snowshoe rental for winter trips.


TSL 217 and TSL 227 are the most widely used snowshoes in Finland and are suitable for all types of snowshoeing, from day trips to long adventures.


The TSL 217 composite body snowshoes provide good grip on uphills and for ascents there is an additional board under the heel. The TSL 217 is suitable for size 35-47 shoes and the larger TSL 227 is suitable for size 39-54 shoes. Any type of hiking are suitable for snowshoeing.


You can also rent snowshoes for a ski tour to accompany you on the heavy ascents of the backcountry to get your sled up.


A total of 5 pairs of snowshoes are available for rent.


The rental includes:

  • Snowshoes

  • Telescopic poles

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 1,9 kg pair

  • Capacity: max 100kg

  • Shoe size: 35-47

  • Replacement price: €189

TSL 217

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