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Vuokraa liukulumikengät OAC XCD

The classic of Skinbased skis.


A great choice for moving through dense woodland, on fells, on ice or if you want to move through unbroken snow. The skins provides extra grip when moving up hills, and there's no need to worry about your skis slipping. In relation to its sister ski, the OAC KAR 147, XCD GT UC offers better skiability.


When using Skinbased skis, it's important to remember that the stiffest shoes are not the most suitable for bandages, otherwise you can be wearing almost any type of shoe. A shoe that is too stiff can ruin a good trip, while a normal hiking shoe will work just fine.


Check out the other Skinbased kis KAR 149 and XCD BC 160, as well as the classic OAC KAR 147.


Enjoy the great outdoors with the new freedom of Skinbased skis!


The rental includes:

  • Skinbased skis

  • Telescopic poles

Technical specifications:

  • Length: 160cm

  • Profile: 116-86-100mm

  • Side: EA 2.0 (Almost all shoes are suitable except for non-stretch hiking shoes)

  • Base: skins, steel edges.

  • Replacement price: 450€

OAC – XCD GT UC  160  + EA 2.0

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