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Liukulumikengät vuokraus BC XCD 160

Skinbased skis for rent!


Choose the more stable version of the downhill number one OAC XCD GT UC 160., the OAC XCD BC 160!


With the XCD BC 160, you'll ski hills  with even greater load-bearing capacity. The design differs from the middle section, being more narrower than the KAR 149 and being wider than the other 160 cm Skinbased ski the XCD GT UC 160, which ensures a good ride on downhill and on flat terrain with better load-bearing capacity. If you're wondering which Skinbased ski model would suit you best, the XCD BC 160 is ideal for when you're putting the most weight on the skis or taking a heavy rucksack with you.


When using Skinbased skis, it's important to remember that the stiffest shoes are not the most suitable for bandages, otherwise you can be wearing almost any type of shoe. A shoe that is too stiff can ruin a good trip, while a normal hiking shoe will work just fine.


Check out the other Skinbased skis, the KAR 149,, the classic KAR 147 and the top of the range downhill Skinbased ski, the OAC XCD GT UC 160.


Enjoy the great outdoors with new freedom of Skinbased skis.



The rental includes:

  • Skinbased skis

  • Telescopic poles


Technical specifications:

  • Length: 160cm

  • Profile: 131-100-122mm

  • Side: EA 2.0 (Almost all shoes are suitable except for non-stretch hiking shoes)

  • Base: skins, steel edges.

  • Replacement price: 450€

OAC – XCD BC 160

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