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Vuokraa tunturisukset

The Madshuss Eon fjellskis are suitable for a wide range of fjell skiing, wildewrness skiing, sledding and telemarking.


The fjelskis are equipped with a full-length metal frame and a profile of 83-62-70mm, which allows for better skiability and lateral grip.  The ski is 205cm long, suitable for skiers over 185cm. The Eon 62 skis have a lubricated base, and the base layer is pre-waxed, with some grip layer in the base. The skis come with lift arms for better grip. The binding is NNN-BC.


See also our other fell skis Panorama M62 and BC 50.


The fjellski package includes:


Technical specifications:

  • Length: 205 cm

  • Profile: 83-62-70mm

  • Binding: NNN-BC

  • Base: lubricated, steel edges.

  • Replacement price: €300

Skins available for rent for an additional fee of 10€/rental. 

Madshus Eon 62

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