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Vuokraa tunturisukset Madshus Panorama M62

Madshuss fjelskis are suitable for all kinds of fjell skiing, wilderness skiing, sledding and telemarking.


The skis are equipped with full-length metal edges and have a profile of 83-62-70mm, which allows for better skiability and lateral grip.  The skis are available in lengths of 180cm, for skiers between 155-175cm, 192cm, for skiers between 175-190cm and 202cm, suitable for skiers over 180cm. Panorama M62 skis are equipped with crown pattern base, which is different from the skins of the Skinbased skis. The binding is NNN-BC.


See also our other ski skis EON 62 and BC 50..


The fjellski package includes:


Technical specifications:

  • Length: 172cm 182cm, 192cm,  202 cm

  • Profile: 83-62-70mm

  • Binding: NNN-BC

  • Base: steel edges, crown pattern.

  • Replacement price: 300€

Skins available for rent for an additional fee of 10€/rental. 

Madshus Panorama M62

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