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Vuokraa Fjellpulken Ahkio Helsinki

With this sledge, you won't run out of space even on a longer trip.


There's 285 litres of space in the pack, and for an extra price, Fjellpulken's XPack Rucksack backpack adds another 40 litres of packing space. You can comfortably pack a water bottle, a break jacket and snacks for the day. The backpack is attached to the stowage area in the same way as the harness. The main advantage is that the harness does not need to be stowed under a separate backpack, but can be attached to the same pack.


For the whole family, rent a Fjellpulken children's sledge and a pair of Skinbased skis or fjellskis.


The rental includes:

  • Sledge

  • Shaft

  • Harness


Technical specifications:

  • Length: 144 cm

  • Capacity: 285 litres

  • Weight 5,5kg

  • Replacement price: sledge 500€, irons 150€, harness 80€.


Fjellpulken rucksack 40l for an additional fee of 10€/rental.

Fjellpulken X-Country 144cm

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