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For the whole family, rent a Fjellpulken children's sledge ​and a pair of Skinbased skis or fjellskis.

Are you planning to go cross-country skiing or for a longer winter skiing trip? Rent a Fjellpulken children's sled and take the little ones with you.


With the Fjellpulken children's sled aka barnepulk, you can ski on the trails or in untouched terrains. For the trail, you also get skis that attach separately to the sled, which reduces friction and improves the ride. The children's ski comes with a waterproof and windproof protective fabric, a storm cover, a thermally insulated mat and safety belts. The sled stays with you and keeps you upright on varied terrain thanks to the tip-over protection. The sled also leaves room for other items besides the child. Please note that it is not recommended to use the sled in temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius or with a child under 6 months old. For slightly older skiers, you can pack your skis and, as the pace gets faster, give the skier a break for a while in the sled.


For the whole family, rent a Fjellpulken sled and a pair of Skinbased skis or fjellskis.


The rental includes:

  • A sled

  • A pair of skis

  • Harness

Technical details:

  • Length: 131 cm

  • Weight: 11kg

  • Replacement price: sled 540€, irons 180€, harness 80€

Fjellpulken Childrens Sled

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