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The winter hiking package for two includes two pairs of Skinbased skis or fell skis, two sleeping pads and two sledges.


Start your winter hiking by renting a back-country skiing package.


Whether you're going skiing for a day, a weekend or a week by yourself, with a friend or family, a cross country skiing package will get you off to a great start.


Depending on the terrain, you'll be able to get around on Skinbased skis or fjell skis. You can pack winter trekking gear in the sled and the children's sled lets you take the little one with you.


See below for more details and choose the products that suit you best.


As a winter camping package:

- Skinbased skis or fjellskis with boots

- Sled (Fjellpulken X-country 144 or Fjellpulken children's sled)

- Telescopic poles

A ski package for two includes two pairs of Skinbased skies or fjell skies and two sledges.

Skins available for rent for an additional fee of 10€/rental. 

Back-Country Skiing Package for 1 or 2 persons

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