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Vuokraa teltta Helsinki

Helsport's Sarek 3+, like its smaller sister, a spacious three-season tunnel tent, which is particularly comfortable for two people, but can also comfortably accommodate three. The colour-coded poles make it easy to assemble the tent quickly. It is possible to open the upper part of the vestibule for better ventilation and the front door can also be opened in the same way. The tent is officially a three-season tent, but can also be used as a winter tent.


This tunnel tent together with the Sarek 2+ is also suitable for tougher conditions, i.e. for the usual Finnish summer nights.


As a camping package:

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 3 persons

  • Weight: 3,5kg

  • Pack size: 19x50cm

  • Water pillars: top fabric 3000mm and bottom fabric 5000mm

  • Replacement price: 300€

Helsport Sarek 3+

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