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Take your child on the skiing tracks by renting a Thule ski set to be mounted on a stroller.


With the Thule Ski Kit you'll get a pulling seat, harness and skis to fit your stroller. Thule Chariot Ski Kit - the same recommendations apply as for the Fjellpulken children's sled and is not recommended for use with children under six months or in temperatures below -10c.


Thule's ski kit is suitable for traditional and skating on the slopes and even for cross-country skiing. On powdery slopes, a children's sled is a more versatile option. The Thule Chariot Ski Kit fits all Thule carts manufactured after 2012 (excluding the Chinook).


Note! The rental does not include a trolley, only a ski kit. Rent your fjellskis or Skinbased skis.


The rental includes:

  • Skis

  • Irons

  • Harness


Technical Spesification:

  • Weight 7,3kg

  • Replacement price: 399€

  • Compatibility for e.g with: Thule Chariot Sport, Thule Chariot Cross, Thule Chariot Cab, Thule Chariot Lite. Also suitable for older Thule Chariot models (CX 2012->, Cougar, Cheetah and Captain).

Thule Chariot Ski Kit

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