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Fjällräven vuokraa - Vuokraa Fjällräven Teltta

Fjällräven Abisko view 2 holds the first spot of the Instagram camping photos of dome tents.


With two poles in place and the fabrics of your outdoor tent rolled up, you can start enjoying the sun and the stunning scenery. Rolling the outdoor tent almost completely open guarantees one of the best ventilation systems on the market. You can pitch a self-standing tent almost anywhere. Rocky spots by the water are particularly atmospheric. Despite its lightness, the fabrics can withstand heavy use, so feel free to take the tent with you on your cycling trips anywhere from spring to late autumn.


The tent is designed for two people. With two entrances and two vestibules, the tent is still comfortable for two and luxurious for one.


Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 2

  • Minimum weight: 2,3kg

  • Minimum weight: 2,9kg

  • Pack size: 47x20cm

  • Interior dimensions: 220 x 130 x 110cm

  • Water pillars: cover fabric: 3000, bottom fabric: 6000mm

  • Replacement price 849€

Fjällräven Abisko View 2

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