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Vuokraa Packraft

On your way to a long wilderness adventure?


The MRS Alligator 2S Pro XXL offers everything you need for the most demanding adventures and rapids thanks to its reinforced materials. You can also pack your stuff with the ISS (Internal Storage System). The hourly speed exceeds that of the MRS Microraft, travelling at the same speed as the MRS Alligator, reaching speeds of up to 5-6 km/h. The Alligator 2S Pro XXL, is equipped with a skirt, which must be separately attached, asthe Microraft has integrated skirt.


Especially suitable for long adventures and rafting, for day trips and multi-day adventures. Rent a spacious rucksack (85L or 100L) or tent to go with it.


The rental includes:

  • Packraft

  • Telescopic paddle

  • Floating vest

  • Fin

  • Filling bag and automatic filling pump

  • 2x ISS dry bags

  • Repair kit

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 4,5kg

  • Capacity: 136cm

  • Load capacity: 120/190kg

  • Packing size: 40x30cm

  • Replacement price: 1679€


Helmet available for an additional cost of 10€/rental. See also other packfarft models, MRS Nomad S1 D, MRS Barracuda R2MRS Microraft and MRS Alligator 2S.


Along with the packraft rental, you'll get -40% while renting a drysuit at the same time. Act fast!

MRS Alligator 2S and 2S Pro XXL

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