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Packraft vuokraus

A Packraft classic and one of the most popular multi-place packrafts on the market!


Whether you're heading to rivers, lakes or short sea lanes, Microraft is your option. With its agile ride, fast manoeuvrability and speeds of up to 4-5 km/h, the sky's the limit when planning your paddling trip. Microraft is available in two sizes M and L. There are four Microraft models in total, including one L size with the ISS system.


Suitable for flowing and flat water, day trips and multi-day wilderness adventures. Rent a spacious backpack (85L or 100L) or tent to go.


The rental includes:

  • Packraft

  • Telescopic paddle

  • Floating vest

  • Fin

  • Filling bag and automatic filling pump

  • Dry bag

  • Repair kit


Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 3,5kg

  • Capacity: 133cm (M size) and 135,5cm (L size)

  • Load capacity: 128/178kg (M-size) and 136/190kg (L-size).

  • Packing size: 36x20xm (M-size) and 38x20cm (L-size)

  • Replacement price: 1069€


Helmet and harness available at an additional cost of 10€/rental. See also other packraft models: MRS Nomad S1 D,  MRS Alligator 2S, MRS Alligator 2S Pro XXL

and MRS Barracuda R2.

Along with the packraft rental, you'll get -40% while renting a drysuit at the same time. Act fast!

MRS Microraft M and L-size

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