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Vuokraa Thermarest Z-lite sol

Rent camping gear and equipment for the whole family!


The family camping package includes a spacious and lightweight tent, sleeping pads, stove, rucksack and child carrier backpack. All you need are your own shoes and sleeping bags for the night and you're ready to go.


See below for more details and choose the products that suit you best.


As a family trekking package:

For an additional fee:

  • GPS device inReach MINI2 or GPSMAP 66i  + 70€ / rental 99 g

  • Powerbank 10000 mAh + 5€ / rental 182g

  • Headlamp Lumonite Compass 1250lm + 15€ / rental 155g


A camping package for two adults and two children includes three sleeping pads.

Trekking Package for a Family

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