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Trekking Tent Rental - Tunnel tents, dome tents and trekking tents available for rent.

Take your hiking hobby to the next level by renting a hiking tent!

The snow has melted and the camping season has begun. We've been preparing for this and the range of tents has grown as summer approaches. However, tents are not just for summer use and in the text below you can find out more about the range of our tents and what they are suitable for. We have tunnel tents, dome tents and pyramid tents, for two person and three person use for rent. . For a group of four people, it is recommended and convenient to take two tents for extra comfort.

So why are there so many tents and so many different types?

The same rule applies to camping as to any other form or way of trekking, one piece of equipment is not always the best fit for all use. As another example, one pair of hiking boots may not be the best for all conditions and terrain, but you can still get the job done with basic safety. One is always better than the other in different conditions, terrain and depending on the duration of the hike. By renting, you can optimise the right tent for every hike, whether you're trekking by a bike, packraft or traditionally on foot.

You can compare the tents in more detail in the table below and you can also find a description of these tents below, as well as in the rentals subsection of our website. To see the full selection of tents, please visit our rental site for dome tents and tunnel tents. To rent a tent for yourself, send an email to




Packing volume

Water pillars
















1,3kg mininum weight






























Fjällräven Abisko view 2 holds the first spot of the Instagram camping photos of dome tents. With two poles in place and the fabrics of your outdoor tent rolled up, you can start enjoying the sun and the stunning scenery. Rolling the outdoor tent almost completely open guarantees one of the best ventilation systems on the market. You can pitch a self-standing tent almost anywhere. Rocky spots by the water are particularly atmospheric. Despite its lightness, the fabrics can withstand heavy use, so feel free to take the tent with you on your cycling trips anywhere from spring to late autumn. The tent is designed for two people. With two entrances and two vestibules, the tent is still comfortable for two and luxurious for one. Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 2

  • Minimum weight: 2,3kg

  • Minimum weight: 2,9kg

  • Pack size: 47x20cm

  • Interior dimensions: 220 x 130 x 110cm

  • Water pillars: cover fabric: 3000, bottom fabric: 6000mm

  • Replacement price 849€

PRO TIP: Best suited for summer heat, on a rock and when you want to take the best Instagram photo of the summer.

MSR Hubba Hubba is perhaps the most popular tent in Finland. Lightweight, durable and in all respects a self standing dome tent. In hotter weather, you can leave the outdoor tent pitched and enjoy the light of a 24h of summer sun. Thanks to its weight and packing capacity, it's also very handy for a solo trips or two-person camping trip. The ideal choice for light hikers, joggers and packrafting! Specifications:

  • Capacity: 2

  • Minimum weight: 1,35kg

  • Weight: 1,75kg

  • Pack size: 46x15cm

  • Interior dimensions: 213 x 127 x 100cm

  • Water pillars: cover fabric: 1200mm, bottom fabric: 3000mm

  • Replacement price 569€

PRO TIP: Take it with you when volume and weight are your main criteria.

kahden hengen teltta MSR Hubba Hubba

Scorchingly hot, brand new, real and made in Finland tent for two. Northern Lite's first tent has started the domestic tent revolution and standards have been set high. The tent is the result of swet, tears and love for the outdoors. It is comfortably suitable for two campers, with a height of up to 180 cm. The environment and your conscience are not burdened with this choise, as half of the tent's fabrics are made of recycled plastic. The Northern Lite hiking tent is comfortable to take on all three seasons. With an ideal packing volume and a minimum weight of only 1.3kg, it's ideal for hiking, trekking, cycling and packraft adventures! The rental includes a central pole and pegs. Technical specifications:

  • Capacity 2 persons

  • Minimum weight: 1,3kg

  • Pack size 20x40cm

  • Interior dimensions: 135x220x180cm

  • Water pillars base fabric: 5000mm

  • Replacement price 799€

PRO TIP: This ultralight tent is for you when weight, packing volume and Finnish handicraft are your main criteria.

Helsport's Sarek 2+ three-season tent and a smaller version of its big sister Sarek 3+. The tent is fully waterproof and easy to assemble with colour-coded poles. The tent works comfortably for one or two hikers due to its light weight and durable fabrics and poles. Suitable for almost any terrain except rocky terrain. The vestibule can be used to store your belongings or, if necessary, to prepare food. As a trekking package: - Tent (Sarek 2+ or Sarek 3+) - 2x sleeping matresses (Exped Sim 3.8 and Thermarest Z-lite Sol) - Camping stove: Trangia 27-3 UL / Trangia 25-4 UL + gas burner - Backpack (Fjällräven Kajka 75l, Kajka 85l / Kajka 100l) Technical specifications: - Capacity: 2 persons. - Weight: 2,7kg - Pack size: 18x42cm - Water pillars: top fabric 3000mm and bottom fabric 3000mm - Replacement price: €300

PRO TIP: The budget traveller's safe choice, the tent being the most affordable in our range.

Helsport's Sarek 3+, like its smaller sister, a spacious three-season tunnel tent, which is particularly comfortable for two people, but can also comfortably accommodate three. The colour-coded poles make it easy to assemble the tent quickly. It is possible to open the upper part of the vestibule for better ventilation and the front door can also be opened in the same way. The tent is officially a three-season tent, but can also be used as a winter tent. This tunnel tent together with the Sarek 2+ is also suitable for tougher conditions, i.e. for the usual Finnish summer nights. As a trekking package:

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 3 persons

  • Weight: 3,5kg

  • Pack size: 19x50cm

  • Water pillars: top fabric 3000mm and bottom fabric 5000mm

  • Replacement price: 300€

PRO TIP: The budget hiker's choice for a hike like no other.

The Abisko Shape 3 is a lightweight, light and not heavy tunnel tent for up to three persons. A high quality tunnel tent with vestibule and a total weight of only 2.6kg. The end sections of the tent can still be rolled up, which allows you to take atmospheric photos in a more presentable way, as well as better ventilation. Good ventilation ensures year-round usability, but the tent is best suited for two people and three seasons. Take a tent with you on a hike, when the criteria are lightness, a high level of quality and safety. In winter, the rental includes winter pegs. See our other tunnel tents for rent. Technical specifications:

  • Number of persons: 3

  • Minimum weight: 2,1kg

  • Weight: 2,6kg

  • Packing size: 41x16cm

  • Interior dimensions: 220 x 145 x 100cm

  • Water pillars: cover fabric: 3000mm, bottom fabric: 6000mm

  • Replacement price 819€

PRO TIP: When quality and lightness are your number one criteria, this is your choice.

Kolmen hengen teltta

The Mercedes of tents, the best quality and simply top of the range!

The Hilleberg Kaitum 3 tent for year-round use with a minimum weight of only 2.9kg. Comfort is guaranteed by two entrances, two vestibules and one of the largest inner tents on the market. Whether you're going hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter or hiking the wilderness rapids with a packraft you can count Hilleberg Kaitum as your best friend.

Suitable for hiking and camping all year round. Add a Fjällräven Kajka 85l or Fjällräven Kajka 100l for you to go and you're good to go! Winter rental includes winter pegs.

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 3 persons

  • Minimum weight: 2,9kg

  • Weight: 3,4kg

  • Packing size: 51x18cm

  • Interior dimensions: 220 x 185 x 105cm

  • Water pillars: cover fabric: 5000, bottom fabric: 15000mm

  • Replacement price 1140€

PRO TIP: When you need a lot of inner space and you're on your way to the toughest conditions anytime, anywhere.

Come and experience the pleasure of differentf tents for your every trip. If you have any questions about the models or would like to rent a tent please contact me at



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