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Packrafts, trekkipackages, tents from Fjällräven, MSR, Hilleberg and Helsport, Fjällräven backpacks, GPS handhelds, OAC sliding boots, Fjellpulken skis, Madshus mountain skis and a lot more

Tales through rivers, mountains and wilderness, from the Nordics all the way to the Himalayas




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We rented a tent, rucksack and Trangia from @talesntents, a big recommendation if you want to try camping without having to buy all the expensive equipment right away! We saw how to put pitch the tent together and were advised on how to use the trangia when I got the gear. I didn't have to start wondering alone in the woods 😅 

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We had rented these OAC Skinbased Skis from @talesntents,  rental company in the city of Helsinki capital region for the whole duration of our trip. The incredibly nice Juho-Tuomas answered all our questions before the rental, the rental time was flexible and the price was moderate. Thumbs up for this 👍

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The rapids of  Vantaanjoki and the weather was favourable! It was easy start for a beginner to start with 🙏 If you need to rent some trekking gear @talesntents will take care of everything!


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